ATH - Raspberry Lychee Daiquiri

ATH - Raspberry Lychee Daiquiri

ATH Raspberry Lychee 

Our Signature cocktail made with ATH Vodka English Raspberry & Lychee; delivers a sweet & fruity taste, that makes it feel like Summer all year round. 

Serve in a:
Tombler Glass

Garnish with: 3 pieces of Raspberry


  • 50 ml ATH Vodka English Raspberry & Lychee
  • 90 ml Lychee Juice
  • 25 ml Raspberry Sugar Syrup


  1. Fill One - Thirds of the glass with cubed Ice
  2. Add Vodka and Fill glass with Lychee Juice
  3. Pour Raspberry Syrup into glass so that it settles at the base of the Glass
  4. Crown Glass with crushed Ice
  5. Garnish with Raspberries

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