ATH X TIDEFI Tokenization

ATH X TIDEFI Tokenization

The $ATH token is set to disrupt the spirit industry with our innovative approach to rewarding consumers and allowing users to participate in the growth of our brand. To achieve these objectives, we have partnered with TIDEFI, a decentralized digital asset exchanged with industry leading security and ease of use our customers should expect. Built on TIDEFI’s custom built substrate-based blockchain, the $ATH token will be the center of the ATH ecosystem providing user’s access to rewards ranging from purchasing ATH products at discounted prices to receiving exclusive access to ATH partnered events.

By launching on the TIDEFI platform, the $ATH token can trade freely with the most widely acknowledged cryptocurrencies on the market allowing for the average user to participate with little to no experience. Users holding $ATH tokens will also have the option to stake their assets on the TIDEFI exchange providing a source of consistent revenue growing your holdings in the ATH ecosystem and receiving greater benefits from our tokenization program. 


The $ATH token can be acquired using two methods.

1. TIDEFI Exchange

The $ATH token will be traded on the TIDEFI Exchange with an initial launch price of $0.10 USD. The $ATH token can be purchased using the Swap functionality on the TIDEFI platform, allowing opportunity for users to profit by simply trading the ATH token or holding and staking the digital asset for recurring rewards.

2. ATH Vodka Products

By purchasing a bottle of ATH Vodka, users will have access to the QR Code located on every bottle. The QR Code will be a representation of the ATH token which can be redeemed through our partnered TIDEFI ecosystem. Using their mobile app, by simply scanning the QR Code, a pre-allocated value of ATH token will be airdropped into the user’s TIDEFI wallet.

The $ATH token was not created to just be another digital asset with little utility and real-world value. At ATH, with our immense experience in providing real-world value to our customers, we have created our token to do the same. There are three primary functionalities the token can provide.

1. The High Life Pass

This is our ultimate rewards program, with three tiers in place to provide every type of our customers access to the benefits of the ATH ecosystem. With rewards ranging from exclusive ATH Merchandise all the way to VIP access to Festivals and Luxury events, there are many rewards to look forward towards. To achieve status in the rewards program, users simply hold a minimum amount of ATH Tokens, and the corresponding tier of the High Life Pass will appear in the user’s mobile application.

2. ATH Giveaway Scheme

The giveaway scheme is our way of giving back to the community while strengthening the Tidechain, which our asset is located on. By staking $ATH tokens through the TIDEFI exchange, users will be automatically entered into a lottery system where they will have the opportunity to win life-changing prizes.

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