TIDEFI partners with All Time High (ATH) Vodka for real-world tokenization agreement


While the crypto industry may be through a “historic moment” of decline and “crypto winter,” one sector that continues to experience exponential growth in mainstream adoption is decentralized finance or DeFi. Between 2020 and 2022, the DeFi space grew by a massive 865%, hitting $254.99 billion in December 2021 by total value locked (TVL) as users look for alternatives to traditional banks and financial institutions.

With this massive user growth, there is also the need to provide streamlined access to a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem and the underlying infrastructure to support millions of new users. And that’s exactly what TIDEFI wants to do by becoming the gateway into DeFi through its DEX and with one ecosystem asset. TIDEFI is a recently launched decentralized exchange focusing on security and accessibility.

We covered TIDEFI back in September when the startup launched its Mainnet, DEX App, and unique TDFY Sunrise Pool Token Distribution with new solutions designed to distribute more value to the community. Since our last story, the TIDEFI team has been working behind the scenes on new features to take the DeFi ecosystem to the next level.

Today, TIDEFI DEX announced it has partnered with All Time High (ATH) Vodka, a new line of ultra-premium vodka centered around a tokenized reward structure for community members. Through the partnership, TIDEFI will support the launch of the ATH ultra-premium vodka brand’s unique $ATH token built on the Tidechain, TIDEFI’s layer-one blockchain.

ATH Vodka® was created to disrupt the spirit industry and radically create a new business model that rewards its customers beyond drinking a high-quality spirit. ATH Vodka aims to unlock immense value by utilizing the power of blockchain technology to reward and introduce real-life utility. Their entire community also benefits from the growth and success of the ATH Vodka brand.

“Our partnership with TIDEFI has enabled ATH Vodka® by way of blockchain technology to sit as a bridge between both industries to unlock and bring real-world value and utility to the masses in the form of tangible digital rewards,” said Prince Yemoh, CEO of ATH Vodka

Reset Drinks Limited is a young company backed by over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, specifically in the hotel, bar, and restaurant sectors. ATH Vodka® will be the first flagship spirit brand created under the Reset Drinks Ltd company. The founders believe that they could build something together and promote their own brand through their access to venues, music festivals, celebrities, artists, sports stars, and high-net-worth individuals.

ATH Vodka® is a high-end, ultra-premium brand, handcrafted and produced with the utmost care to ensure it meets the highest standards. They source the best quality French grain to create a genuinely exceptional ultra-premium vodka with the smoothest finish. 

ATH uses the purest alcohol, eight times distilled, using reverse osmosis purified water and 100% natural ingredients. Their bespoke bottle sits taller than anything else on the market, making it stand out on the top shelf. In addition, each bottle is fitted with an LED light making it light up night clubs meaning the design matches their industry-leading liquid.

The $ATH token is a new type of digital asset allowing users to participate in the growth of the ATH brand. The $ATH token will launch with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000 $ATH tokens distributed through the sale of ATH branded products and initial distribution events launched through TIDEFI DEX. Users can acquire ATH before its launch in early Q1 by staking $TDFY starting today. For more information, go to the Tidefi discord channel.

By holding $ATH tokens exclusively on the TIDEFI platform, users will become a member of the growing brand and receive tangible rewards through the support of the ecosystem. 

The ultimate reward through the ATH brand is their implementation of the HighLife pass, providing those holding over 10,000 $ATH tokens access to a network of value and utility in the real world with exclusive partners linked to festivals, VIP clubs, luxury hotels, restaurants, and much more. Some event partners include The Cannon Run.

The $ATH token will be powered by the TIDEFI Exchange, allowing users to trade, hold, and stake their assets through a single platform. The TIDEFI Exchange offers a community-focused distribution strategy giving those who participate on the network unique opportunities to earn rewards in $ATH tokens and its native $TDFY tokens. The platform is built to empower the user, providing users easy access to a decentralized blockchain ecosystem with minimal technical know-how.

“This is the first real-world product tokenized on Tidefi. We are moving tokenization one step further to the masses to allow real-world business and products to benefit from being closer and allowing their community members to interact with them in more than just a transactional relationship.”, CEO and Co-founder of Tidefi Daniel Elsawey

Co-founded by CEO Daniel Elsawey, Tidefi is a novel decentralized exchange (DEX) for all kinds of digital assets that is built on the substrate-based Tidechain, a permissionless nominated Proof of Stake (nPoS) Blockchain. Tidefi brings together the speed and performance of centralized exchanges with primitives of decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Tidefi Token (Ticker: TDFY) governs both the underlying Tidechain network as well as creating new avenues for its holders to participate both in the validation of the network as well as the growth and revenue of the TIDEFI exchange.

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Source: https://financefeeds.com/ath-vodka-taps-tidefi-dex-to-launch-ath-token/

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